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How to Qualify for the TET Exam ?

The Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) is a qualifying exam for teachers in India. It is a mandatory requirement for all candidates who wish to teach at primary and upper primary levels in government schools across the country. The exam is conducted by both central and state governments, and the eligibility criteria may vary from state to state.

You must have a minimum qualification of a Bachelor’s degree in Education (B.Ed) or a Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) to be eligible to appear for the TET exam. The eligibility criteria may vary from state to state, and you are advised to check the official notification before applying for the exam.

The TET exam is conducted in two parts – Paper I and Paper II. Paper I is for candidates who wish to teach at the primary level (Classes I-V), while Paper II is for candidates who wish to teach at the upper primary level (Classes VI-VIII). Both papers consist of multiple-choice questions and are held on the same day, with a duration of two and a half hours each. The exam syllabus and marking scheme may vary from state to state.

You must secure a minimum qualifying score in the TET exam to be considered eligible for teaching positions in government schools. The passing criteria may vary from state to state, and you are advised to check the official notification for details. The TET exam is designed to assess your knowledge and skills, if you wish to become a teacher.

It tests your proficiency in subjects such as language, mathematics, science, and social studies, as well as your teaching aptitude and pedagogical skills. You can apply for the TET exam online through the official website of the respective state education department.

You will need to fill out the application form and pay the required fee through online modes of payment. You should also upload scanned copies of your photograph and signature as per the given specifications.

The best way to prepare for the TET exam is to study the syllabus carefully and practice solving sample questions. There are many TET preparation books and online resources available.

You can also join a TET coaching class if you need more help. The results of the TET exam are typically declared within a few weeks of the exam date. Candidates who qualify for the TET exam are awarded a TET certificate, which is valid for a lifetime. The TET certificate is required for applying for teaching jobs in government schools. Some private schools may also require candidates to have a TET certificate.The TET exam is an important step towards becoming a teacher in India. By qualifying the TET exam, you can demonstrate your knowledge and skills and increase your chances of getting a teaching job.


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