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Grahak Seva Kendra registration process is very easy. Every indian citizen can apply for Grahak Seva Kendra | No Need any type of certificate or exam.

Grahak Seva Kendra Registration

It is a simple and easy process to register as a Grahak Seva Kendra agent.  Just fill your details and join the GSK Agent network.

Document required

You need only aadhar card and pan card for registration.
No need any type of certificate or exam.


In Grahak Seva Kendra, available 100+ Banking, Recharge & Bill Payments, Government, Registration & Tax Filing and Travel Services.

What the process

First fill the registration form , make payment and upload documents after that Grahak seva Kendra team will verify you document and activate you GSK ID. 

Apply for Best CSC Registration

As we all know, digital technologies are also increasing along with Samay, in such a situation, many people of our country still face a lot of problems in government or bank work, but CSC registration.

This also known as Common Service Center, is a one-stop access point in India that provides various digital services and assistance to citizens in rural and urban areas.

CSC registration is a part of the Digital India initiative launched by the government to ensure that the benefits of technology reach every nook and corner of the country.

CSC enrollment centers play a vital role in bridging the digital divide between urban and rural areas. It empowers citizens by providing them access to essential online services like utility bill payments, government schemes, educational resources, and banking facilities.

By offering these services at a digital level, CSC registration contributes to financial inclusion and digital literacy.

The registration process at the CSC center is simple and accessible to all. How can you register through us? Once registered, one can easily access various digital services and take advantage of government schemes and programs.

Apart from helping individuals, our CSC registration also benefits small businesses and farmers.

We want to reach the services of CSC Registration Digital India in every corner of India so that every government & nongovernment work can be done easily.

Why Choose CSC Registration

CSC (Common Service Center) registration is essential for various reasons, especially in rural and remote areas.

We play a vital role in bridging the digital divide and bringing essential services closer to the people.

We are spreading CSC digital services in every part of urban and rural areas of India through which everyone can take advantage of it today.

Our CSC registration facility acts as an important catalyst in bridging this divide.

First and foremost, CSC registration provides access to digital services and information technology to individuals who may not otherwise have access.

These centers serve as hubs where people can access the internet, computers, and various digital tools, thereby helping them to harness the vast potential of the digital world.

At our CSC Registration Center, people can easily avail of various government and private services.

This includes applying for government schemes and benefits, accessing education and skill development programs, obtaining birth and death certificates, and even paying utility bills.

By providing these services in one place, CSC registration saves people the hassle of traveling long distances to government offices or private service providers, especially in remote areas with limited transport.

Along with this, CSC enrollment centers also provide employment opportunities in rural communities. They create entrepreneurship potential for local individuals who can run these centers as CSC Village Level Entrepreneurs.

This not only generates income but also enhances their digital literacy and managerial skills, thereby creating a sense of empowerment and self-reliance.

In addition, CSC enrollment centers facilitate e-commerce and digital financial services, enabling rural communities to participate in the modern economy.

Through our CSC registration centers, farmers and artisans can connect with buyers online, and expand their market reach beyond local boundaries.

Additionally, digital financial services enable secure transactions and access to credit, thereby promoting financial inclusion among rural populations.

Another important aspect of our CSC Enrollment Center is its role in disseminating information and promoting digital literacy.

Digital literacy is essential in today’s interconnected world, as it empowers individuals to stay informed, communicate effectively, and access opportunities online.

We CSC Registration Centers hold vital importance as they bring technology and digital services to the doorsteps of rural communities.

Our CSC Registration By enhancing the quality of life and promoting economic development in rural areas, CSC centers contribute significantly to the overall development of the nation.

What Grahak Seva Kendra Agent's Says

If you are looking to work with us do not hesitate to join us.

Grahak Seva Kendra exceeded my expectations in every way possible. Their top-notch banking and government services made my life so much easier. Highly recommended!”



From Bihar

I am incredibly impressed with the level of service provided by Grahak Seva Kendra. From banking to government-related tasks, they handled everything with utmost efficiency. A truly reliable and trustworthy service!


Vivek Yadav

From Delhi

Grahak Seva Kendra is the go-to place for all your banking and government needs. Their seamless processes and friendly staff made my experience delightful. I won’t hesitate to return for future services!


Murad Khan

From Rajasthan

How to Apply for CSC Registration?

To apply for a CSC (Common Service Center) registration center, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the Official Website: Go to the official CSC portal, which is typically managed by CSC SPV (Common Services Center Special Purpose Vehicle).
  • Registration Page: Look for the “Register” or “Apply” button on the website’s homepage to begin the registration process.
  • Create an Account: If you don’t have an account, you will need to create one. Provide the required information such as your name, email address, and phone number, and create a password.
  • Login: Use the credentials you just created to log in to your account.
  • VLE Registration: Aspiring CSC entrepreneurs are called Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLE). In your account dashboard, you should find an option to register as a VLE.
  • Fill Application Form: Complete the VLE registration application form with accurate details about yourself and your location.
  • Upload Documents: You will likely need to upload scanned copies of necessary documents like photo ID proof, address proof, educational certificates, and any other documents requested.
  • Review and Submit: Review all the information and documents you provided before submitting the application.
  • Application Processing: After submission, your application will be processed, and it may take some time for verification.
  • Approval and Training: If your application is approved, you will receive a notification about the same. You will be required to undergo training provided by CSC SPV to become a certified VLE.
  • CSC Center Setup: Once you have completed the training, you can set up your CSC center at the approved location and start offering services to the public.
csc registration

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